Following on from the fantastic news about moving the Project to Fowey we’re super excited to be sharing more details about an innovative partnership between Fowey River Academy and Morvargh.

To cement the relationship between us we have decided to complete our #ASPIRE360 challenge once again in 2020. 

The challenge will see a team of up to 40 students from the school taking part in a life changing voyage as they sail 2000 nautical miles around the coast of Great Britain & Ireland. The crew, who do not need any yachting experience will sail the route in 4 legs with around 8 to 10 students on each leg.

Our partnership with Fowey River Academy promises to ensure local young people, some from very challenging backgrounds, will have a chance to experience things that are normally out of reach. A large proportion of the children going to the school live in particularly deprived areas and this partnership aims to create a new and exciting way of showing young people they can achieve. They can do anything they set their minds on and hopefully, open up career paths for them into the marine industry they had never considered.

#ASPIRE360 will depart from Fowey on the 30th May 2020 and we will sail in a westabout direction around the UK. We’ll be visiting amazing places such as Dublin in Ireland, Tobermorry in Scotland and even sailing into the centre of London up to the iconic Tower Bridge! On our last #ASPIRE360 expedition we had Dolphins swim with us for many a mile, and experienced the wonder of the Northern Lights. Our current plans see us visiting around 20 ports with some museum visits planned in key locations. We’ll get to marvel at out beautiful coastline and experience the best the UK & Ireland has to offer. Playing hide & seek, the cornflake box game, the odd sing-song, and baking bread and cooking all help young people to create strong bonds with their crew mates, increase their own understanding of themselves, of their boundaries and most importantly have the confidence that they can try and excel at anything!

Sailing creates challenging and exciting activities that put people in situations where they need to solve problems which can easily be transferred into everyday life.

We are both very much committed to trying to reduce barriers to participation and together we made the decision that no student should have to pay for a place aboard. It costs the Project over £65 per day, per child to run a sail training voyage (for an example we spend around £100 per day just for the food aboard) so together we have to look to other means to pay for the children aboard.

We have launched a crowdfunder to try and raise some of the money and if you are in a position to pledge you can use the widget on the right!, alternatively if anyone were able to offer goods or services that we could use as an award or raffle prize we’d love your support. Just give us an email or call 07481 546577. Alternatively if have some time and might be able to help with the orgnaisation, fundraising or planning we’d love to hear from you too!

We are also hoping that businesses might be interested in getting involved as sponsors. There are some really innovative ways we can give a return on any investment that a business may give from logo’s on the hull, to corporate days aboard Helen Mary R. We’ll even send you postcards written from the children in the ports! As we get more information we’ll update this post.

If you want to know more we have a very short YouTube video from our last #ASPIRE360 voyage below.

We can’t wait to set sail again on another #ASPIRE360 Round Britain Challenge and look forward to updating our progress online. Watch this space for more information on our Crowdfunder and donations we have recieved.

Fair Winds

Matt & Victoria


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