Following the change in the government’s advice regarding non-essential social contact and unnecessary travel, the directors of Morvargh Sailing Project have taken the decision to suspend our sail training operations, effective immediately.​

Our priority is always the safety of our voyage crew and volunteers, and it is for this reason that we are therefore postponing all voyages until further notice. If you are booked on a voyage during this period, you will be contacted by us this week. We would ask that you please don’t contact us until Monday 23rd March 2020, to give us a chance to speak to all affected voyage crew. Matt & Vicky are now working from home and the boat is closed to all visitors.

​Please continue to monitor this page, and our social media channels (@morvarghsailing) for updates.

​More information about Covid, self-isolation, and the symptoms to watch for can be found here:

​We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff in the NHS and other organisations who are working so hard to combat this disease. Our thoughts are with all those affected around the world. There will be lots of people across the country who are trapped in their homes at this time because they are either sick, vulnerable or elderly. We urge you to check in with your neighbours and those in your community, and offer any practical, emotional or spiritual support you can, whilst continuing to protect yourself against the virus.

The whole team would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding during these turbulent times.

Project & vessel move to Fowey

We are still planning to move to Fowey on the 5th April (depending on weather). We were planning to hold a small celebration when we arrived however our arrival will understandably need to be more subdued. We will get Helen Mary R snug in her new home and will re-arrange a new home party when it is safe to do so.

ASPIRE360 Round Britain Challenge with Fowey River Academy

With regard trip planning both Fowey River Academy and Morvargh Sailing Project are following advice in accordance with the guidance issued by Public Health England (PHE). This guidance is carefully considered at a specially convened daily meeting alongside consideration of the international, national and local situations.

We are acutely conscious of the impact this virus is having and may cause whilst the voyage is underway, and greatly appreciate the support and understanding of families at this exceptional time.

The government has advised schools that they should not undertake international school trips at this stage. This is due to concerns that the schools would face significant challenges in making arrangements to ensure children’s welfare should adult supervisors or children be required to self-isolate. Also of great concern is how to isolate someone aboard if they contract the virus and how to bring everyone home in the case of needing to cancel mid-way through the voyage. There would be a real possibility the vessel would become quarantined in a port with everyone stuck aboard to see out several 2 week isolation periods. The remoteness of sailing, and the close proximity of living aboard would mean that the virus, if introduced on board would spread rapidly.

Following goverment adivce we have made the decision to postpone the voyage to a later date. At the moment we are looking at late August/early September and will be discussing with the Head and other teachers to see what would work best. We have guaranteed that this trip will be protected for the current cohort and will not be offered to other year groups. Any funding already secured will be ring-fenced for this group and this trip.

We will be reviewing the situation daily in case anything changes but we feel this is the safest option for all in the short term. Some good news; we have been in conversations with Crowdfunder and they have agreed to extend our deadline.

We really need to keep donations coming in so people see it marching towards the target. So please continue to share it with friends, family and colleagues and ask them to support the campaign. Just £20 makes a huge difference. The page can be found at

The whole team would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding during these turbulent times.

If you have any questions regarding ASPIRE360 please do not hesitate to contact us all at, or



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