The cost of taking part on our unique and life changing voyages is just £65 per day for young people; this includes all food aboard (three cooked meals a day), some shore visits, safety equipment, waterproofs and the regular and necessary maintenance to Helen Mary R. As you can imagine this is less than half of the actual cost to the organisation.

If your son, daughter or students are keen to sail with Morvargh Sailing Project but cannot afford the voyage fees, there may be a variety of ways in which they could raise the money. Some people take part in sponsored activities. Others manage to arrange for a local company to make a donation, or apply for funding from a local grant-giving body such as a Rotary Club.

It might well be worth applying to the James Myatt Trust, who fund people aged 16-25 to take part in sail training. IdeasFundraising is also a website with loads of ideas for how your son or daughter could raise money for their voyage.

Please do contact us if you are worried about funding your trip. We like to work with individualys to promote their fundraising efforts online via social media and via blog posts; we may also be able to help with bursary funding.

Ways to fundraise!

These are just a few ideas to get you started - good luck!

  • Hold a coffee morning (see this great how-to at ideasfundraising)
  • Non-uniform days organised with your school
  • Selling goods at car boot sales, jumble sales
  • Sponsored sporting events, such as football matches, walks, runs, cycling, swimming and golf tournaments
  • Sponsorship by local companies (see this great article from ideasfundraising)
  • Organise a charity auction or raffle & obtain donations from local businesses and products that could be sold during these events
  • Set-up a JustGiving Page
  • Sponsored car washes, hair shaving and board games tournament


We occasionally have funds available to offer bursaries to crew members. This money may be restricted to specific types of people (Depending on the source of the funds). Restricted bursary funds will be advertised in our newsletter and anyone who might be eligible is encouraged to apply.

Where the donor has not particularly specified how bursary money should be used, We will aim to give priority to applicants who meet one or more of the following conditions (listed in no particular order):

  • Young people whom we have identified as future watch leaders
  • Young people who have assisted the Project in some way (e.g. with substantial refit help, organising new bookings etc.) and who have been recommended by a Project member as suitable for bursary funding
  • Young people who belong to a group which has the potential to make regular group bookings in future if we provide a successful taster voyage for one of their members
  • Young people whose personal circumstances make them exceptionally deserving

It is rare for us to offer bursary funding to cover the full cost of a voyage. Applicants who can demonstrate that they have personally made the effort to raise at least part of the voyage fee through hard work or imagination will get priority over those who have put little or nothing into it.

If your son or daughter has a particularly deserving case and would really struggle with finding the voyage fee then please do get in touch via email or call on 07481 546577. There are times when we have the occasional space left on a voyage and we may be able to offer it to a young person at a drastically reduced rate.