Our Class D, Tall Ship, Helen Mary R is the only sail training variant of the Bowman 57. Designed by famous yacht designers Holman & Pye & built in 1986 by Southern Boatbuilding Company and Rona Sailing Project staff she was launched into service and started sail training straight away. The first 26 years of her life was spent with the Rona Sailing Project on the river Hamble, near Southampton.

In 32 years of operations she's inspired 5000 young people and sailed over 100,000 nautical miles based on her logbooks!

Tall Ship Helen Mary R

Chosen because of her pedigree; John Ridgeway completed the Whitbread Round the World race in another Bowman 57, English Rose VI in 1976/7 and there are 13 other sister ships spread across the globe. We are proud to now call Helen Mary R our own and look forward to seeing where our adventures take her next.

Principal Dimensions

Length (m)
Beam (m)
Draft (m)
Air Draft (m)
Sail Area (m2)
Displacement (tons)

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