How to fund your voyage

Vicky and I believe that all young people should be able to participate in a transformational voyage with us, but we recognise that the costs associated with a Sail Training voyage may initially give young people and families pause. 

How to fund your voyage

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Vicky and I believe that all young people should be able to participate in a transformational voyage with us, but we recognise that the costs associated with a Sail Training voyage may initially give young people and families pause. 

Our voyages are not just about sailing; they are a transformative experience. Research has shown just how much impact Sail Training can have. Over 90% of past trainees reported increased self-confidence. 85% improved their social communication abilities. Key competencies like leadership, resilience, coordination, and focus are enhanced across the board. Our mission is to continue providing these high-impact voyages that set young people up for success later in life.

This investment pays priceless dividends through building confidence, resilience, leadership abilities, practical skills and lifelong friendships forged at sea. Young people transform through rising to challenges such as bonding in close quarters with watchmates and learning the responsibilities of crewing Helen Mary R night and day. They return home with a sense of identity and purpose that affects their whole lives - from educational attainment to careers and communities. 

In this blog, we hope to help young people, parents, teachers, and group leaders equip themselves with strategies for making these voyages accessible and attainable for any young person.

We aim to keep our voyage fees as affordable and accessible as possible but still have to pass on a fee of £70 per trainee per day. The actual costs to Morvargh are much higher; safety equipment, insurance, maintenance, mooring fees and operational expenses required to run exceptional sail training programs all add up.

Some key costs include:

  • Safety Equipment: Good quality Spinlock life jackets cost around £260 each, with annual servicing costing approximately £700.
  • Insurance: Our policy is around £2,500 per year.
  • Moorings: Our permanent mooring in Fowey costs roughly £4,000 a year, and we also pay for visitor moorings during our voyage stops at around £50 per night.
  • Maintenance: As a 57-foot sail training vessel, yearly maintenance on sails, masts, engine, etc., exceeds £10,000, and ongoing upkeep is critical.
  • Fuel: A tank of diesel costs £400+, and we fill it many times during the season.
  • Food: It costs £150 per day to feed the crew aboard.

Our cost per trainee is approximately £100-110 per day. However, we are committed to keeping the price as low as possible and have committed to passing on a fee of just £70 to parents and young people. This subsidy allows us to keep Sail Training as accessible as possible rather than passing the total expense to families. Our fundraising efforts make up the difference.

How to fund your voyage

There are so many creative ways young people can help to fund their voyage - doing odd jobs for neighbours, washing cars, or even running a sponsored walk. We've seen trainees support their voyage fee through bake sales, crowdfunding campaigns, and pitching Sail Training opportunities to community groups or local businesses. Taking ownership to raise funds can be an empowering experience and make earning a berth on the voyage even more meaningful. 

Not only is individual fundraising rewarding, but trainees can also apply for financial assistance through grants like those provided by Charities like the James Myatt Trust.

Creative Ways to Fundraise

Here are some ideas to get your fundraising efforts started:

  • Sponsored Activities: Set up an online fundraising page and collect sponsorship as you train for an activity like a walk, run, swim, or danceathon.
  • Social Media Fundraising: Share your Sail Training plans and fundraising progress to inspire donations from friends and family on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.
  • Experience Auctions: Offer experiential prizes like home-cooked meals or music lessons to friends and families. Raise funds while sharing your talents!
  • Community Car Wash: Hold an old-fashioned car wash in your neighbourhood or school. Add baked goodies and juices for extra proceeds.
  • Nautical Craft Market: Make and sell nautical-themed crafts, artwork or jewellery at local fairs, festivals or holiday markets. Engage the creative community to support your seafaring dreams!
  • Odd Jobs Campaign: Mow lawns, walk dogs, run errands, pet-sit or put your skills to work.

Earning the voyage fee through grassroots fundraising efforts is feasible with some grit and imagination. And extremely rewarding! We're happy to support your fundraising journey in any way we can.

ASTO Hammond Innes Bursary

As members of ASTO (Association of Sail Training Organisations), we receive a Hammond Innes Bursary annually. Ralph Hammond Innes CBE was born in Sussex in 1913. A journalist at the Financial Times from 1934 to 1940, he served with the Royal Artillery during World War II. It was during this time that he began writing adventure novels. He was an accomplished yachtsman and, together with his wife Dorothy (an actress and author in her own right), ventured far and wide. Vice Patron of ASTO, a post he held from 1978 until he died in 1998. In the last few years of his life, he indicated that he was considering leaving a legacy to ASTO to enable the association to continue its work promoting and supporting Sail Training. We are fortunate to be given a share of his legacy annually to help fund young people aged 25 or under to participate in a Sail Training voyage. The amount we receive is directly linked to the number of 'berth days' we provided the previous year.

You can read more about Hammon Innes and ASTO here

The James Myatt Trust

The James Myatt Trust honours the legacy of James Myatt - an avid sailor with a deep passion for empowering young people through transformational learning experiences at sea. In his memory, the Trust provides grants to subsidise Sail Training voyages for young people who may not otherwise have the financial means to fund this impactful opportunity. The grants specifically help aspirational sailors between 16 and 25 years old who cannot raise full voyage fees through their own fundraising efforts. The Trust asks recipients to share their experiences through journals, blogs and photos to inspire future generations. These first-hand accounts are featured on the Trust's website and social channels.

You can find out more about the James Myatt Trust here:

The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust provides Development Awards of up to £500 to support young people ages 16-25 in personal development activities. Structured programs that build skills like confidence, motivation and work capabilities – such as Morvargh's Sail Training voyages – could be eligible for this funding.

More here 

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Popular crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe or local community sites could help mobilise donations from the public to support a young person's Sail Training journey. Young people can share their voyage goals, Morvargh's impact, and other compelling reasons to contribute. Crowdfunding Campaigns can successfully leverage social media and engagement of your extended networks for fundraising success. We're happy to support your fundraising campaigns by sharing them online in any way we can. 

Get in touch if you want to sail with us but can't quite afford the voyage fee; we might be able to offer a reduced rate or bursary or give additional fundraising support, including application guidance for grants like the James Myatt Trust. Embarking on a Morvargh Sail Training voyage requires fundraising motivation and creativity, but personal growth and glowing memories will make every ounce of effort worthwhile. 

Please reach out by email to learn more about our 2024 voyages and start mapping out your funding strategy today. While it may sometimes seem like an uphill battle, the rewards multiply that effort tenfold. We have seen what adventures with us unlock time and again.


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