Sailing for a Cause: Our Participation in the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit

The Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit is an exceptional event that brings sailors and non-sailors from all walks of life to raise funds for charities and social enterprises that "benefit the human condition."

Sailing for a Cause: Our Participation in the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit

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The Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit is an exceptional event that brings sailors and non-sailors from all walks of life to raise funds for charities and social enterprises that "benefit the human condition." Again this year, we'll be sailing to support Morvargh Sailing Project. We are thrilled to be a part of this remarkable event and contribute to positively impacting our community. We have places aboard for adults and young people, but they are filling fast! Book here

About the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit

The Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit was first sailed in 2002 and has become the third-largest fundraising event in the southwest, raising over £1 million for various charities over the years. This truly corinthian event welcomes participants of all kinds, from large racing yachts to small cruisers, old or new, as long as they are equipped to sail the 26-mile offshore course from Plymouth Sound and back.

The pursuit's inclusive nature reflects its commitment to bringing people together for good causes. We will sail with a mixed crew of adults and young people to reflect this goal. You can get a first-hand glimpse of Sail Training in action if you join us aboard!

We are fundraising for Morvargh during the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit. The Eddystone Pursuit offers the exciting prospect of prize money in three categories: Individual, 3-Boat Team, and the 341 Smeaton Trophy Challenge. 

All yachts are automatically entered into the Individual event, with the opportunity to join forces as a 3-Boat team or a business team for the other challenges. Crucially, points are awarded for sailing performance, money raised, and the timing of completing our entry. This incentivises us to fundraise energetically, as every pound collected for Morvargh Sailing Project translates into valuable points that could secure a larger slice of the substantial prize fund. Points mean prizes!

In previous years, our efforts have been rewarded with over £300 from The Eleanor Creeke Charitable Settlement, established to assist charities striving to "improve the human condition." This generous Settlement, a legacy of Eleanor Creeke's love for the sea and desire to help others has supported the Eddystone Pursuit since its inception, ensuring that funds directly benefit worthy causes like ours. You can read more about the history of the event here

What are we raising for?

While teaching young people to sail is not our primary objective, it is a byproduct of the fantastic adventures we provide. Our true aim is to offer a safe and supportive environment where participants can witness the direct achievements of working, living, and communicating as a team, ultimately developing the skills needed to become self-aware, self-confident, and resilient adults. The unique setting of an offshore sailing yacht is the ideal place for individuals to learn about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Compared to shore-based activities, the challenges, risks, and rewards of sailing offshore are intense and real, leading to accelerated outcomes over other youth interventions. On a small boat at sea, participants have no choice but to live and work together, communicate, overcome difficulties, and take responsibility. For the first time, they realise their value as part of the crew and that their efforts can achieve something meaningful.

Our youth voyages encourage teamwork and participation in an occasionally challenging but safe environment through storms, wet weather, and living in very close quarters. Whether changing sails during rough conditions or baking for a crew of 16 in a tiny, heeling galley, they learn life skills that can't be easily taught on land, where walking away is often too convenient.

Unfortunately, the young people we engage with in Cornwall face considerable deprivation:

  • 44.3% of young people fall into the most disadvantaged tiers (1-3) of the Indices of Multiple Deprivation.
  • 32% are from the lowest-income families (tiers 1-3 of the Income Deprivation Domain).
  • 51% are excluded from employment opportunities (tiers 1-3 of the Employment Deprivation).
  • 35% suffer from a lack of attainment and skills (tiers 1-3 of educational disadvantage).
  • 30% are affected by impaired quality of life due to poor physical and mental health (tiers 1-3 of Health Deprivation).

Through conversations with schools, parents, and young people, we know that our voyages profoundly impact the lives of participants and their wider family circles. Still, many need help to afford the voyage fee that we have to pass on.

All young people should be able to participate in a transformational voyage with us. The voyage fee we pass on to trainees is just £70 per child per day on most voyages, significantly less than the actual cost of around £100/£110 per child per day.

Morvargh Sailing Project is a labour of love with high operational costs. Keeping Helen Mary R seaworthy and ensuring safe, meaningful voyages for our participants requires constant maintenance, repairs, and investment. The expenses quickly increase, from replacing worn equipment to feeeding 16 people to fueling the boat. Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to provide these life-changing experiences despite the financial challenges. The voyage fee we pass on barely covers the basic costs, making it challenging to fund the Project's growth and reach more young lives. 

By supporting our organisation in the pursuit, you directly empower us to impact more young lives through the power of sailing. It is a cause that undoubtedly "benefits the human condition."

While we don't pass on a berth fee for the voyage, we encourage participants to fundraise for Morvargh. For those taking part, we have set a goal of raising at least £50 for the Project through sponsorships and fundraising activities. 

We are actively seeking support from our community, and every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in the lives of those who benefit from this Project.

The Pursuit Experience

As the date draws near, anticipation always builds aboard Helen Mary R. We sail amidst a spectacular fleet of over 60 yachts, all united in the pursuit of supporting worthy causes. Vessels of all ages and sizes converge on Plymouth Sound before setting a course for the iconic Eddystone Lighthouse and back. 

Our crew, spanning generations from wide-eyed youngsters to seasoned salts, will work in harmony to trim the sails and coax every ounce of speed from HMR. 

Spaces are still available to book a place aboard and experience this thrilling offshore voyage first-hand. You can book here

If you can't sail, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey by supporting our fundraising efforts. Your contribution, no matter how small, will go a long way in helping us achieve our goal and make a lasting difference. 

Together, we can sail for a cause that truly matters. Visit to donate today.

The Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit represents more than just a sailing event; it is a testament to the power of community and the collective efforts to create positive change.

We are honoured to be a part of this remarkable event. As we embark on this exciting journey, we are reminded of the importance of giving back and making a lasting impact on the lives of others. We look forward to your support and solidarity as we sail for a cause that truly benefits the human condition.


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