The Adventure Club
Create Adventure - Empower Youth

The aim is simple: to provide individual bursaries for young people to join us on a voyage aboard Helen Mary R through your own adventures.

The Adventure Club
Create Adventure - Empower Youth

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There is one thing that has been a constant throughout my life. If you inspire young people and give them opportunities to flourish, they deliver in bucket loads – Paul White

We have teamed up with local adventurer & event management specialist Paul White to empower young people through adventure – by creating an exciting venture called ‘The Adventure Club’. 

Its aim is simple: to provide individual bursaries for young people to join us on a voyage aboard Helen Mary R.

At its core, The Adventure Club is a community of adventurers and like-minded people who share a passion for pushing boundaries and supporting young people and the next generation. 

We all have sole ambitions to go on a personal adventure of a lifetime that is not restricted by money, time or any other circumstances. These ambitions serve as a beacon to push us forward to better ourselves. However, the significance of these pursuits extends beyond personal fulfilment; they hold the power to inspire and catalyse the growth of others, particularly the younger generation. By embarking on your adventures, you could not only fulfil your own aspirations but also empower the next generation to follow in your footsteps. 

Youth Development at Sea

How does it work?

By undertaking your own adventure, you can raise funds for the Adventure Club bursary. You will not only spotlight the amazing diversity of adventures that people undertake but will also gain amazing personal pride in knowing that you have given a young person the opportunity to flourish on a life-changing voyage.

To become members, individuals embark on their own extraordinary adventure—be it a 1,000-mile cycle ride, a challenging mountain trek, the Devizes to Westminster canoe race, or even a daring parachute jump—and raise a minimum of £500 in the process.

The funds you raise through The Adventure Club will directly contribute to a young person being able to embark on a life-changing adventure with Morvargh Sailing Project. 

While teaching young people to sail is not our primary objective, it is a byproduct of the fantastic adventures we provide. Our true aim is to offer a safe and supportive environment where participants can witness the direct achievements of working, living, and communicating as a team, ultimately developing the skills needed to become self-aware, self-confident, and resilient adults. The unique setting of an offshore sailing yacht is the ideal place for individuals to learn about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Compared to shore-based activities, the challenges, risks, and rewards of sailing offshore are very intense and real, leading to accelerated outcomes over other youth interventions. On a boat at sea, participants have no choice but to live and work together, communicate, overcome difficulties, and take responsibility. Perhaps for the first time, they realise their value as part of the crew and that their efforts can achieve something meaningful.

Our residential youth voyages encourage teamwork and participation in an occasionally challenging but safe environment through storms, wet weather, and living in very close quarters. Whether changing sails during rough conditions or baking for a crew of 16 in a tiny, heeling galley, they learn life skills that can't be easily taught on land, where walking away is often too convenient.

Unfortunately, the young people we engage with in Cornwall face considerable deprivation:

  • 44.3% of young people fall into the most disadvantaged tiers (1-3) of the Indices of Multiple Deprivation.
  • 32% are from the lowest-income families (tiers 1-3 of the Income Deprivation Domain).
  • 51% are excluded from employment opportunities (tiers 1-3 of the Employment Deprivation).
  • 35% suffer from a lack of attainment and skills (tiers 1-3 of educational disadvantage).
  • 30% are affected by impaired quality of life due to poor physical and mental health (tiers 1-3 of Health Deprivation).

We know that our adventures profoundly impact the lives of participants and their wider family circles but many cannot afford the voyage fee that we have to pass on. The Adventure Club bursary aims to fix this issue.

What are the benefits of raising funds and joining ‘The Adventure Club’

Once inducted into ‘The Adventure Club’, you’ll join a community of adventurers and like-minded people with over 40 years of experience in all areas of the outdoors, expeditions and ultra challenges worldwide. You’ll be able to share your passions and advice with new members, becoming a real community that works to inspire and support young people to undertake their own adventures with us.

You’ll also receive a distinctive member's patch and invitations to exclusive events aboard our sailing vessel, Helen Mary R. Membership is limited, ensuring a truly exceptional experience for those who join. Over the coming months, we hope to introduce new ambassadors to the community.

Our first Adventure Club Ambassador – Paul White

Paul has over 39 years of experience at the cutting edge of Event Management for corporations, sports teams and individuals. Notable achievements include being amongst the first to bring a triathlon wetsuit to the UK and European market, managing the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by a four-person rowing boat, redefining the management of the Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge, co-founding the Ecover WWF Blue Mile event and, most recently working with the record-breaking Race2Recovery Dakar Team.

I was lucky enough to support a circumnavigation of Britain on Helen Mary R with a group of 8 young people in 2017. After over 40 years of challenges and adventures, this voyage sits at the top of my list for fulfilment and pride.

Yesterday, Paul started his own adventure for The Adventure Club; cycling 1186km from Roscoff to Santander! Paul has set his sights on conquering the open road, traversing rugged terrain and breathtaking landscapes with unwavering determination, grit and resolve. Over 14 gruelling days, Paul will push the limits of endurance, cycling tirelessly all day, propelled by the knowledge that he is building a legacy to support a young person in their own adventures.

If you can please donate to his GoFundMe here:

We’ll be following and sharing Pauls adventures over the coming days!

Invitation to Join!

The Adventure Club offers a unique opportunity to not only embark on your own extraordinary adventure but also to make a profound impact on the life of a young person. By joining our community of adventurers, you become part of a movement dedicated to pushing boundaries, supporting youth development, and creating lasting change.

Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment as you undertake your own personal challenge, whether cycling across countries, trekking through remote wilderness, or taking on daring feats of endurance. Your journey becomes more than just a personal pursuit; it becomes a vehicle for positive change.

Through fundraising efforts and joining the Adventure Club, you can directly contribute to providing bursaries for young people to experience life-changing voyages aboard the Helen Mary R. These experiences go beyond sailing; they foster teamwork, resilience, and personal growth in a unique offshore environment.

So, seize the opportunity to create your own adventure and make a difference in the lives of others. Join us in shaping a future where every young person has the chance to flourish and thrive.

Together, let's embark on this journey of adventure and empowerment. Join the Adventure Club today and be the catalyst for change. Your adventure awaits, and so does the opportunity to change lives.



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