Recently I have been looking at how we can engage with business leaders to help Morvargh Sailing Project grow into the potential I know it has. As well as being Britain's Ocean City, Plymouth is also a hotspot for social enterprise activity in the UK and is developing as a global ‘social enterprise city’. It was therefore natural for us incorporate as a community interest company, a form of social enterprise in 2010.

A community interest company has social objectives, where surpluses are reinvested for the benefit of the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners. Our objects are to:

To provide the educational, physical, mental, and spiritual development of young people aged 14+ in the South West of England.  This will be through a youth development and leadership programme delivered on a Sail Training yacht with the outcome that they grow to full maturity both physically and mentally, increase their self-esteem and self-worth, be given leadership and volunteering opportunities and to be able to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

One down side of being a CIC is that we aren't able to engage with a board of trustees to engage with their skills and experience to support the work we do with young people. With that in mind we'd like to create an Advisory Board of local business leaders who are interested in the development of young people and who might be able to use their skills and experience to support the Project in some way.

This is a really exciting way to allow business leaders to help shape and develop Morvargh into an organisation that really meets the needs of the community it serves. The board will be integrated into the project and will have it's own chairman and nominated board members to assist us with various aspects of running the Project, such as marketing, finance, and child protection. The intention is that the board will act very much like a board of trustees in a charity or board of governors in a school but without the legal ramifications of them!

We will hold a quarterly meeting and then it will be up to each person how much time they can dedicate to assisting us in some way. We totally understand that your time is precious! Are you a local business leader or owner who might like to give something back to the community? We need you!

Roles and responsibilities of advisory board members

  • develop an understanding of Morvargh Sailing Project & sail training
  • provide “wise counsel” on issues raised by the Project directors
  • provide unbiased insights and ideas from a third point-of-view on how to further the work of the Project
  • encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas
  • act as a resource for directors
  • provide a networking platform for directors
  • encourage the development of a governance framework that enables sustainable growth of the CIC
  • monitor performance & child protection
  • impose challenges to directors that could improve the Project

Term of membership
Advisory board members will be appointed to  a specific term i.e. one, two or three years The first meeting of the Advisory Board will set this term limit.

If you are interested in getting involved with our Advisory Board please get in touch! You can either email Matthew Barraud, Project Director, or call 07481 546577.

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