The Mount Batten Centre have been very kind and are allowing us to hold an open day at the centre on 11th May 2016 which will be an exciting opportunity to get involved with Morvargh!

We will be taking part in their Waterfront Business Networking meeting and delivering a talk on how sail training can help businesses. The talk will briefly talk about experiential learning and how outdoor activities can help in promoting a cohesive motivated workforce that are responsive to change.

Helen Mary R will be alongside at the Mount Batten Centre all morning and will be open for people to look round, talk volunteering, and learn about our work with young people over a coffee. At 12:00 noon we will be starting a 24hr rowing marathon to raise funds for the Project! Rowers will take turns on a rowing machine to see how many miles we can row in 24hrs!

Can you help our Rowathon? We are looking to people to join us rowing, you need only pledge 15mins of time, every little helps!
We are hoping that each rower will raise sponsorship.

Later on in the day Helen Mary R will be open from around 18:00 for short tours before holding a curry night in the centre. If you aren't rowing inclined you could join us for a curry and encourage the rowers as the evening approaches. The curry night will be £10 per person and tickets can be purchased below.

We're really looking forward to being at the Mount Batten Centre, especially after the excitement of the Transat departure!

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