Fowey Harbour

A beautiful natural harbour on the south coast of Cornwall. Discover more about our base in Fowey and the partnerships we have there.

Fowey, Cornwall, Our Home

During April 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, we moved the Project and our sail training vessel Helen Mary R to Fowey. Nestled within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the sheltered deep water of Fowey Harbour is a haven for all boats, from kayaks to cruise ships. The port has a strong maritime history and several sailing & yacht clubs with successful youth sections.

There is a real need for Sail Training in Cornwall. Many of the young people we will engage with live and go to school in some of the most deprived communities in the UK.

Cornwall is the second poorest region in Northern Europe after West Wales, 17 Cornwall neighbourhoods are among the 10% most deprived in England, and income is roughly 25% below the national average. Four in 10 employees earn below the living wage, and one-third of children live in poverty.

Some of our children live less than a mile from the coast but have never been to the beach and, still less, dreamed of going sailing. Many Cornish teenagers lack aspiration, and our Sail Training voyages change this by inspiring and changing lives.

As a volunteer-based Sail Training organisation, we depend on the dedication and commitment of many afloat and shoreside volunteers to run voyages and assist in running all aspects of the organisation. We are also very fortunate to be able to count on the support of so many people in Fowey and its surroundings, allowing us to offer the often life-changing Sail Training experience to many young and vulnerable adults. To those, thank you so much!

Since 2017 we've been Fowey regatta's committee boat, and every year the support, interest, friendship, and passion for the Project in the port have bowled us over. It is a real credit to everyone in Fowey how well their annual regatta is organised, and it has been great to watch from a distance how well everyone works together to make it the success it is. One of the Project's natural strengths is our ability and desire to build partnerships, to cross-promote other organisations and engage with other community members, with the sole aim of helping to promote getting young people afloat.

Even during the pandemic, we've been able to build and make vital links; these include:

Fowey Harbour

Fowey Harbour is at the heart of Fowey's tourism and leisure industry and is a busy, bustling and beautiful port to sail into, and we are glad to call our home. On top of managing 1500 resident moorings, the Fowey Harbour Team welcome 6000 visiting yachts and motor cruisers to the Harbour each year and large shipping, such as cruise liners and cargo ships! We can't recommend the Harbour enough, and it's a fantastic place to visit.

We want to thank Captain Thomas, Jonathan Pritchard and the team for their belief and support for Morvargh Sailing Project; without their help moving the Project to Fowey would not have happened.

Visit the Fowey Harbour website -

Fowey River Academy

Fowey River Academy is a co-educational secondary school with academy status (part of the Leading Edge Academies Partnership), serving a large and diverse catchment area including Fowey, the nearby towns of St Blazey and Lostwithiel and surrounding villages. We are proud to have been adopted as the Fowey River Academy boat. With growing evidence linking outdoor education to improved educational outcomes, Helen Mary R will sit at the heart of their extra-curricular programme and provide the ideal environment in which to develop the skills and qualities that lie at the heart of the school's values; ethical, excellence, equity, empathy, evolution, endurance.

Visit the Schools website -

Port of Fowey Race Organising Committee (POFROC)

POFROC is an unaffiliated body owned and controlled jointly by the Royal Fowey Yacht Club and Fowey Gallants Sailing Club. They act as one body representing both clubs to organise and promote racing and sailing events in and around the Port of Fowey.

The highlight of our sailing year is the Fowey Royal Regatta, which takes place in the third week of August. This is always an excellent week of racing for Cruisers (IRC & Byron ratings), Falmouth Working Boats, local fleets of Troys and Fowey Rivers, and three fleets of dinghies!

Annually POFROC organise for their cadets to join us aboard to take part in the annual opening race of the regatta, racing from Fowey to Flushing in Falmouth, then back. This has proved to be great fun and a fantastic opportunity to give young people a taste of yacht racing!

Visit the POFROC website -
Visit the Fowey Royal Regatta website -


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