Following a Morvargh Sailing Project voyage, 88% of young people return home after making profound life-changing discoveries about themselves.

88% make profound Life Changing Discoveries and Positive Change when sailing on our voyages

Sail Training is a life-changing, exciting and fun adventure. Everyone aboard is an equal team member responsible for running the boat. This new and unfamiliar world of challenges, skills, and learning makes a massive difference in a young person’s life.

Young people are asked to assess the impact of a Sail Training voyage at the end of their voyage. Their answers, amalgamated below, are a powerful testament to the benefits of Sail Training and sailing with Morvargh Sailing Project. We are proud to say our voyages positively affect young people for all the criteria we measure.

Throughout a voyage with us, young people are set challenging but achievable tasks requiring them to rapidly learn new skills in an environment that often takes them outside their comfort zone. This generates a sense of achievement that increases self-confidence and self-esteem, boosted by completing tasks with a degree of perceived risk & because participants are trusted with tasks that have real consequences.

Young People have to work effectively as a team, live in close quarters and face everyday challenges to complete tasks necessary for the voyage. This intense social experience creates lasting friendships and an increased understanding of the need for patience, respect and tolerance of others. Sharing feelings of vulnerability and mutual reliance results in a stronger sense of team/community, mainly where participants support each other through common challenges, like seasickness.

Young People learn about their ability to control despite challenging external variables outside anyone’s control, like the sea state or weather. Completing tasks they didn’t want to try, or felt they couldn’t complete, like unpleasant domestic chores or getting up in the middle of the night, and realising that they can cope with being uncomfortable / outside their comfort zone, can create increased resilience, personal-discipline and boost participants’ belief in what they are capable of achieving. Opportunities to reflect and be listened to by staff and peers provide trainees time to consider their achievements, which in the long term contributes to them developing a ‘can do’ attitude and feeling more motivated or resourceful when facing challenges.

Sail Training has many benefits, from the soft skills mentioned above and many more not mentioned to assisting with academic performance with learning by stealth. Sail Training makes a positive difference to so many young people. People find their strengths and discover what they can do, not what they can’t. Surrounded by fresh air and exposed to the elements, Sail Training can bring out the best in people and teach lessons for life.

It is also great fun!


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