You might be aware that in 2013 we discovered that Helen Mary R's standing rigging needed to be replaced. Sadly we didn’t have the reserves in place to pay for the rigging and had to make the very difficult decision to suspend operations. This started a personal journey of ups & downs as Morvargh is very much a family based social enterprise and we had invested everything we had to get it started.

The journey has been a long one but the past two years have seen us upgrading equipment, repairing systems, and renovating the interior of Plymouths Tall Ship. We are so close to inspiring young people again and need that final capital injection to get us over the last hurdle.

We are looking to sponsorship to help get us over that final hurdle, but we understand that we also need to look at sponsorship differently. Helen Mary R is still tied to the dock and can't sail until the rigging is replaced so giving a return on investment needs to be unique.

Together, we can build and inspire a new generation.

It is this quote which really builds on what we can achieve in partnership with a sponsor. We have a unique vessel which has a rich history and legacy; she has made a difference to so many young people. Being berthed in Britain's Ocean City enables us to carry on that rich history and legacy that Helen Mary R has created and to start a new journey with strong partners who want to share in the story to get us sailing again.

Why choose Morvargh Sailing Project as part of your marketing strategy

In the current climate, we know that organisations need to ensure their marketing budgets are working hard for them. Tall Ships present a compelling and intelligent way of engaging people both within the organisation and external audiences. We understand you will have your own objectives for obtaining a sponsorship relationship, some key reasons are:

  • Creating a robust business development programme of interactive hospitality in key markets
  • A true human adventure story to be leveraged through media communications
  • Engage new audiences by activating a digital marketing campaign around the sponsorship, creating an online community and following for your brand
  • Engage existing audiences by creating a story, a common endeavour that they can get behind and engage with your brand

Morvargh's Promise

We will develop a close working relationship with our partners and are committed to delivering a successful campaign through the journey of getting Helen Mary R sailing again and through a wider programme of sponsor fulfilment.  We will ensure that the considerable experience within the team is used to maximise both sailing and commercial performance.

Previous campaigns have achieved every target set by our sponsors. Each project has been run to deadline, came in under budget and has offered significant return on investment and objectives.

Matthew is an inspiration and a pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm for Morvargh Sailing Project is boundless and having sailed with him a number of times I can confidently state that he is a very experienced and capable skipper as well.
Morvargh Sailing Project makes a real difference to young peoples lives, it challenges them, it makes them re-evaluate their behaviour and ultimately it makes them better people.
I am very proud to be able to help Matt get this project off the ground and hope to work with him for many years to come.
Dr David Gibson

If you would like to discuss opportunities regarding Morvargh Sailing Project please contact Matt Barraud alternatively call +44 7481 546577


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