Isles of Scilly Adventure
Ships Log - 26/05/24

Written by: Matilda and Molly

This 'ships log' has been written by Matilda and Molly who is part of the combined watch aboard. Every day our crews have a role aboard and the 'Yeoman' is responsible for writing this log. They are prompted to answer a few questions and write about their own experiences in their own words. They get a chance to upload pictures and a record of where we have sailed in the last 24hrs.

Crew Log

7.5kts Fastest Speed
27kts Highest Wind Speed
23nm Distance Sailed
What was the funniest thing that happened on the ship today?

Maimie told us all an extractor fan joke. There was a farmer, who absolutely loved his tractors. He collected all kinds of tractors and tractor memorabilia. The only thing he cared more for, was his lovely wife. One day, he heard his wife make an awful scream out in the fields. He sprinted outside to find her body crushed by a tractor. He was mortified, and promptly sold all of his tractors, all his tractor posters and collectibles, the lot. A few years later, he meets a nice lady and decides he is ready to move on and try and find love once again. While out to dinner with this young woman, the room begins to fill with smoke, completely enveloping the room. The farmer says “Don’t worry, I will handle this”, and takes a big breath in and sucks up all the smoke. He sprints outside and blows all the smoke into the street. When sitting back down, the woman says to the man “that was incredible, how did you do that?”. To which the man replies “Oh it was nothing, I’m an ex-tractor fan”

How did you feel when we set sail today? Describe what you were thinking.


If you were captain for the day, what would be your first command?

Throw matt overboard

Afterguard's Log

The first day is always an introduction to new words, terms, and confusing parts of the boat, and the crew did amazingly well. Their first job as a crew is stowing all the food for the trip and finding a bunk – followed by a quick chat, cuppa and ice breaker. Unfortunately, at that point, the sun decided to disappear for the day and was replaced by the rain! We ran through the safety briefings, how to make the toilet work chats and went up on deck to get the boat ready for sailing. We decided on a safe sail plan and kept the sails small for our first sail, and off into a strong South Easterly wind we went. The rain kept falling, but spirits stayed mostly high (a few of the crew succumbed to sea sickness), and we managed a fairly fast sail to the entrance to Falmouth, where we sent everyone below for a hot chocolate and to get prepping dinner. A slow run up the river against the tide meant a late dinner, but we got our first passage under our belts! The crew did so well, and this was a challenging first sail in lumpy conditions, but as I write this, they are all chatting and laughing after a yummy lunch of homemade bread rolls and tuna salad.

If we've been able to upload vessel data to the website you should see the track we sailed below, it may have gaps in coverage depending on the availability of network signal. If we've not been able to upload any data you'll see a lovely map of Fowey :-)

Navigation Log

Below is an extract of the boat's navigation data from the last 24 hours. We have a Raspberry Pi aboard Helen Mary R that transits data from our instruments directly to our website (when we have signal!), this couldn't be possible thanks to navigational equipment gifted by Actisense, which brings together multiple systems into one cohesive whole and nautical charts and publications from Imray.

Date/Time Latitude/Longitude Heading Depth Speed Wind Barometer
27/05/2024 09:54 50°12.55N - 005°01.63W 3° m 13.98 m 1.70 kts 11.15 kts app @ 0°
27/05/2024 10:54 50°9.29N - 005°03.75W 4° m 7.53 m 0.36 kts 3.59 kts app @ -1°
27/05/2024 11:54 50°9.26N - 005°03.90W 2° m 3.93 m 0.01 kts 2.57 kts app @ 0°
27/05/2024 12:53 50°9.26N - 005°03.90W 2° m 3.33 m 0.01 kts 3.13 kts app @ 0°


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