Holly Forrest Print


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“Hi I really enjoyed painting your photograph”….a quick first message and a friendship was forged! Holly Forrest first got in touch with us through the power of Instagram. She asked if she could paint some more of our photographs as she found them inspiring for a series of paintings that she was thinking of doing. We were so honoured and excited, it was a definite yes from us! I cannot tell you the excitement we feel when we get tagged in a Holly Forrest post! It’s an amazing feeling!

We have 10 limited edition signed ‘Aspire in Salcombe’ prints. Holly certainly captured the moment of contemplation that we had that day in Salcombe in 2017, at that point we had visited 17 ports, sailed for 43 days and almost completed our journey of 1777 miles with the 8 young people in the picture. We all took a moment to reflect in the journey of our circumnavigation on our last stop before our arrival back in our homeport of Plymouth. Such good memories!

All proceeds will go back to the Project to raise funds for the valuable work we do.