It’s amazing that some of Transat Bakerly fleet are now a massive 2000miles away from Plymouth; and they only left on Monday afternoon! They still have another 2000 miles to sail however and there are depressions in the Atlantic that are about to shake things up.

Looking back closer to home we’re cheering on Loïck Peyron in Pen Duick II (read why). Loïck is sailing a more traditional vessel which has many more similarities with our own Tall Ship, Helen Mary R than the super modern, high tech racers that are leading the fleet.

I’ve been reflecting on the Transat and how fantastic the event was for Plymouth. We were very honoured to be asked to make up part of the start line with Helen Mary R and work with OC Sport, Plymouth City Council, & Plymouth Waterfront Partnership to help make the event what it was in our own small way.

Although the start line was a little bumpy (our end had 2mtr waves at times), everyone enjoyed themselves on board and I even managed to send live Twitter video of the start!

Being part of the Transat also allowed me to see how a well-run international organisation such as OC Sport embraced sponsors and their branding. We will be certainly taking those lessons further in our own sponsorship proposals.

What is important is association and story; the Transat used the story of the individual skippers very effectively and like them, Morvargh has its own very unique story.

Being part of the Morvargh journey and associating with us is as valuable as adding branding to the side of the hull, or sails. In fact the story of Morvargh, of its ups, downs, and ultimate success with your business aboard is an extremely valuable one.

Morvargh Sailing Project can offer a business so much more; we leverage social media through engagement, create compelling stories through our blogs, and build a journey that people really engage with.

It is this compelling narrative that will help promote your business through association, just like Loïck Peyron and Pen Duick II; Helen Mary R has her own story.

Commissioned in April 1986 she has taken over 5000 young people sailing offshore and sailed over 100,000miles! When you think that sail training has the capacity to give young people profound life changing experiences; there will be at least 25% of that 5000 that would not be where they are today without Helen Mary R!

We want your business to be part of this journey, this association, and to help us create a lasting legacy for young people. We want to help promote your own business, help to create a shared story, and build your own brand awareness.

Let’s use sail training to inspire and change lives!

Fair winds


If you’re interested in sponsoring Morvargh Sailing Project please get in touch.

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