To help you decide which trip best suits you we have categorised each sailing voyage to better indicate what's involved. It is important that you understand what these ratings mean and that you have selected an appropriate trip for you. Whichever trip rating is given, mother nature and the ocean always have their own plans and we are entirely dependent on what conditions we find at the time. We plan the routes and timings very carefully to work with the prevailing winds and to allow plenty of time to see and do everything we’d like to do en route.

A sail training voyage is not your normal sailing holiday, we have to get from A to B within a given time and we all need to work together to cook, clean and navigate! If conditions are kind we will have plenty of time to stop and explore, but if we get storm bound for a few days or a piece of equipment breaks that we have to replace, we may have to stay ashore for a few days and then head to sea for a few days to make up time. This is is the reality of sailing and expeditions in more extreme areas.

Bespoke sailing voyages

Are you looking for something unique for your group or school? Want something different?