ASPIRE Scotland & Celtic Nations

ASPIRE Scotland and the Celtic Nations

Sat 29 Mar Depart
Wed 30 Apr Return
14-18 Age Range
1300nm Distance
Required Passport
£2170 Voyage Fee

ASPIRE Scotland 2025: A Life-Changing Sailing Expedition

Imagine experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of the United Kingdom's west coast from an entirely new vantage point - the deck of a sailing vessel. This unique opportunity is open to just ten students from Brannel School through a pioneering and innovative partnership.

From March 29th to April 2025, you'll embark on an extraordinary 1,300-mile voyage tracing a course from Fowey around Lands End, up to Scotland's rugged island chains and lochs, and back again via Dublin and Belfast. More than just a sightseeing cruise, this will be an immersive expedition under sail.

No Prior Sailing Experience Required
You'll learn the skills of seafaring hands-on from the experienced crew aboard the stunning Helen Mary R tall ship. Work alongside your newfound shipmates setting sails, taking helm watches, and mastering navigation and coastal pilotage. Even lend a hand in preparing meals and baking bread in the galley.

More than nautical knowledge, the real learning comes from the days and nights journeying offshore. You'll strengthen lifelong skills like teamwork, resilience, communication and self-confidence. Expect to forge unbreakable bonds with your crewmates while developing a deeper self-awareness.

This expedition isn't for the faint of heart - sailing legs can last up to 40 hours with everyone on rotating watch schedules. You'll swap creature comforts for the rewards of marine life. But the payoffs will be unprecedented.

In addition to learning by doing, ASPIRE Scotland incorporates:

  • Hands-on citizen science initiatives
  • Cross-curricular lessons aligned with the National Curriculum
  • Exploration of iconic coastal destinations from Caernarfon to the Isle of Man

Don't miss this transformative high seas adventure that so few people experience. Apply today for ASPIRE Scotland and prepare to shift your perspective in more ways than one. The bonding memories and personal growth will alter your course for years to come.

Weather brings Adventure

We strive to create the most exciting and enriching itineraries and embrace the unpredictability of nature as part of our adventures.

Our voyages offer a unique opportunity to connect with the elements and experience the thrill of sailing offshore. While weather conditions can occasionally alter our planned routes, these moments of adaptability only add to the journey and lead to the most remarkable discoveries.

Come aboard with an open mind and an adventurous spirit, and let's set sail together on an extraordinary journey filled with exciting possibilities.

Further Information

After booking we'll send you our crew handbook, but to help with those frequent questions we've also compiled a few useful answers below. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below.

As standard on all our voyages, the following is included:

  1. All meals aboard
  2. Snacks and drinks
  3. Waterproofs
  4. Safety Equipment

If a fee is payable, we will send an invoice/s (deposit & final payment) once we have confirmed your place aboard.

To help us minimize transaction fees, please consider paying via bank transfer.

When using Stripe, our payment processor, we incur a fee of 1.5% of the transaction amount plus an additional 20 pence per transaction. Opting for a bank transfer saves on these fees and allows us to direct more of your voyage fee towards enhancing your sailing experiences.

This voyage is only open to young people attending Brannel School and in Year 9 in 2025.

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