Binic French Exchange

Binic French Exchange

Thu 6 Jun Depart
Thu 13 Jun Return
14-18 Age Range
256nm Distance
Required Passport
£390 Voyage Fee

Since the summer of 2023, the towns of Fowey and Binic in Northern Brittany have been discussing organising a series of annual exchange visits. The aim is simple: to foster new friendships and provide new experiences within each other's communities. We were approached to take Helen Mary R with a group of local young people to support this initiative. We are working with Brannel School to offer ten Cornish young people a genuinely aspirational voyage that will leave a lasting impact.

During the voyage, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, including:

  • An introduction to boules (pétanque), culminating in the inaugural Fowey versus Binic boules match.
  • Participation in "Longe cote," the French equivalent of cold water swimming, involving invigorating walks immersed up to chest level in cold waters.
  • Guided tours of the town, which holds historical significance as a hub of the French Newfoundland cod industry, offering insights into its rich maritime heritage. The tradition of dory racing, reminiscent of the small rowing boats once used for cod fishing, is still actively observed.
  • Instruction on making galettes and savoury pancakes requires a deft technique to avoid a sticky mishap. Participants will receive guidance on the crucial wrist movements, followed by a tasting session to sample the final product. The outcome of the culinary venture rests squarely on their efforts.

This voyage presents a unique opportunity for participants to forge cross-cultural connections, embrace new experiences, and broaden their horizons through engaging activities and immersive cultural exchanges.

Weather brings Adventure

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All meals aboard our vessel, Helen Mary R, mooring, visa costs, etc. Waterproofs are provided for participants along with all required safety equipment.

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  1. You must have at least six months remaining on your passport from the beginning of July 2024.
  2. Due to customs controls you will need to arrive and depart on Helen Mary R.
  3. The voyage is only open to young people from Brannel School

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